Meat Stores on the net: Our reviews

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Need a meat store?  Its time to fire up the grill or get a roast in the oven -   but you are tired of making those trips to the grocery every week.  Ordering beef online is actually a good way to go.  We reviewed the popular online shops describing their pros and cons.  

You'd be surprised at the quality and consistency of beef ordered from online meat stores.  If you are looking for organic, they've got it.  Need antibiotic and pesticide free beef?  They've got it.  Do you prefer grass-fed over grain finished?  They've got it. 

Top rated online source for grass-fed beef!

La Cense Beef

The La Cense beef ranch is an 88,000 acre farm that dates back to 1869.  This meat store handles all aspects of beef production from cattle raising straight through to harvesting and packing.  Their beef product is a 100%, all natural, grass-fed and grass finished, Black Angus beef.  They are one of the pioneers in the new "ranch to consumer" movement which cuts out the middle-man in selling beef.   Read more here...

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Hearst Ranch

Hearst Ranch is a meat store that specializes in grass-fed beef from naturally raised cattle. The animals forage freely on 150,000 acres of Hearst's own California ranches, and are not fed grain or anti-biotics. Customers report that this results in beef that is rich and robust in flavor and delicious to eat. Read more here...

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My Butcher.com

My Butcher specializes in USDA prime beef and premium Black Angus.  Their beef is not frozen and always shipped fresh. Furthermore, meat is cut to specifications when customers place an order. In addition My Butcher offers veal, lamb, and pork in addition to beef.  Read more here...

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Wilson & Wilson

Wilson Steaks buy beef online store is based in Omaha, Nebraska and specializes in beef from Black Angus cattle.  Their sell only certified Black Angus products which require that the beef has a high degree of marbling, comes from cattle under a certain age, and is aged at least 21 days.  Only 8% of all Angus Beef earns the Certified title. Read more here...

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Greensbury Market

Greensbury Market specializes in providing all organic meat from sustainable farms.  All Greensbury farms are USDA certified organic: meaning that government sanctioned inspectors have visited the farms and approved of their husbandry methods.    All meat is hormone free, antibiotic free, and pesticide free.  Animals are treated humanely, and all farms are self sustaining.  Beef cattle are allowed to forage naturally and are grass-fed. Read more here...

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